Let’s face it: professional live theater is exclusive. Ticket prices are high, and often the “best” professional theater is clustered in major metropolitan areas--outside the daily lives of millions of Americans.

We want to break the financial and geographic barriers to live theater. We want to bring award-winning actors and compelling short plays into headphones, cars, living rooms, subways and kitchens. In today’s fast-moving world, we want to provide theater in a way that’s accessible and pocket-sized. And we want it all to be free.

How do we do it? We select works of short, powerful dramatic writing by some of the country’s top playwrights. We cast celebrated actors and rehearse with award-winning directors. With minimal, polished sound design, our plays are broadcast across the country—and available on-demand.    


We believe that vibrant contemporary theater should be available to every person, regardless of time, funds or access. By recording and distributing short plays on public radio and podcast, we deliver the work of America’s best theater practitioners to the nation—for free.

With this in mind, we aim to:
-       Provoke dialogue
-       Share the voices of living playwrights
 -       Revitalize the short play with electric acting, directing and sound design
-       Inspire the next generation of theater-makers nationwide

Through radio, podcasting, and low-cost live programming, we aim to bring contemporary plays and playwrights into the public space.

Director Brian Mertes and playwright Kim Merrill (photo credit: David Andrako)

Director Brian Mertes and playwright Kim Merrill (photo credit: David Andrako)