TWO DADS by David Auburn

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Content warning: this play deals with themes of domestic violence.

"You can’t really influence them. You can maybe adjust the trajectory a little bit, you can try to guide, but after a certain point? No."

Emmy winner Bobby Cannavale ("Will & Grace," Broadway's The Lifespan of a Fact, PoA's Gun Show) and Tony nominee Peter Gallagher ("Grace and Frankie," "The O.C.") star in a live recording of TWO DADS by Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winner David Auburn (Proof, PoA's An Upset), When two fathers meet at a resort and start swapping stories from the front lines of parenting, their poolside banter takes an unexpected, heartbreaking turn. In turns bitingly funny & disquieting, TWO DADS is directed by Claudia Weill (Girlfriends, PoA's Hate Baby). After the play, the artists join host Claudia Catania for an onstage conversation.  

TWO DADS was recorded live at BRIC House in Brooklyn, New York.

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