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Are the Berenstain Bears, Nelson Mandela's death, and Darth Vader's most famous line evidence of a parallel universe?

During lunch with a friend, an actress works herself into a cosmic tizzy about the unsettling MANDELA EFFECT, the collective misremembering of names, news stories, and cultural artifacts. Written and directed by Max Baker (Revolutionary Road, Broadway's 1984, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest), THE MANDELA EFFECT features Geraldine Hughes (Harry Potter and the Cursed ChildJerusalem, Rocky Balboa), Kelly Hutchinson (Catch Me If You Can, Broadway’s Macbeth) and Bill Buell (Cyrano, Equus, “Boardwalk Empire”). In the post-show discussion, Baker and his cast delve into the bizarre, fascinating phenomenon that inspired the play.

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