GOODBYE, HOWARD by Romulus Linney

lois smith, francis sternhagen and dana ivey.png

In Goodbye, Howard, a rich comedy by Romulus Linney, three North Carolinian sisters in a total tizzy about their esteemed 85-year-old kid brother's imminent death, avoid an embarrassment worse than death. Three virtuosos: Lois Smith (2 time Obie Winner and 2 time Oscar nominee), Frances Sternhagen (2 time Tony winner), and Dana Ivey (5 time Tony nominee) play Howard's three adoring sisters. They are joined by T. Cat Ford, Jacob Callie Moore, and Scott Sowers

Romulus Linney is one of America's great playwrights and a master of the short form. He conjures up a particular time and place in this confection of a play. Stay tuned after the performance for a conversation with Lois Smit, Frances Sternhagen and Scott Sowers moderated by Artistic Director, Claudia Catania.