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My Husband by Paul Rudnick
with Harriet Harris, Michael Urie
director Claudia Weill

Sure Thing by David Ives
with Liv Rooth and Carson Elrod
director John Rando

Section 310, Row D, Seats 5 & 6 by Warren Leight
with Geoffrey Cantor, Peter Jacobson and Cezar Williams
director Fred Berner

Amateurs written and directed by David Auburn
with Rebecca Brooksher and David Rasche

I Know by Jacquelyn Reingold
with Beth Dixon, Jack Davidson

Relative Strangers by Sheri Wilner
with Julie Halston, Michael Keck, Debra Monk, Merritt Wever

The Burial Society by Susan Sandler
with David Margulies, Anne Meara, George Morfogen, Jerry Stiller

Small Things by Cary Pepper
with Bobby Steggert and Jack Wetherall

Wanda’s Visit written and directed by Christopher Durang
with Kate Jennings Grant, Josh Hamilton, Jane Krakowski and Aaron Clifton Moten

Bite the Hand by Ara Watson
with Chris Cooper, Margo Martindale, Liv Rooth
director Doug Hughes

Crazy Eights written and directed by David Lindsay Abaire
with Bobby Cannavale, Kevin Hogan, John Leguizamo and Rosie Perez

Poof! by Lynn Nottage
with Audra McDonald, Tonya Pinkins, Keith Randolph Smith
director Seret Scott

Last Train to Nibroc by Arlene Hutton
with Mamie Gummer and Gregg Mozgala

A Little Part of All of Us by Jesse Eisenberg
with Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Bartha

Getting In by Frank Gilroy
with David Beach, Kim Bendheim, Matthew Cowles, Caroline Gilroy, Michael Godere, Carter Hudson, Lillian Laserson, Thomas Lyons, David Margulies, Fiana Toibin, Jack Wetherall

The Philadelphia by David Ives
with Matthew Saldivar, Carson Elrod, and Jenn Harris.
director by John Rando

Forward Observer by Willy Holtzman
with David Margulies, Tonya Pinkins and Kyndra Sanchez
director Anne Kauffman

The Blizzard by David Ives
with Jesse Eisenberg, Heidi Schreck, Alfredo Narciso, Sarah Sokolovic
director John Rando

Milton Bradley by Peter Sagal
with Bob Balaban, Michael Stuhlbarg

Acorn by David Graziano
with Bobby Moreno, Megan Tusing
director John Giampietro

The Strangest Kind of Romance by Tennessee Williams
with Matthew Cowles, Adam Driver, Michael Stuhlbarg, Kathleen Turner, Jack Wetherall

Open Arms by Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros
with Bill Irwin, Julie White
director John Rando

Mere Mortals by David Ives
with Bobby Cannavale, Matthew Maher, Alfredo Narciso
director John Rando

Bounce With Me! We’re Being Heated! by Christopher Sullivan
with Christopher Sullivan, Lucy DeVito
Director John Giampietro

Anniversary by Rachel Bonds
with Steven Boyer, Michael Esper, Sue Jean Kim, Sarah Sokolovic
Director Linsay Firman

A Very Very Short Play by Jacquelyn Reingold
with Hope Davis, Richard Kind, Robert Stanton
Director Jonathan Bernstein

Napoleon in Exile by Daniel Reitz
with Jane Kaczmarek, Will Dagger
Director Marsha Mason

Attention by Holly Walter Kerby
with Celia Keenan-Bolger, Steven Boyer
Director Michael Barakiva

Fifth Planet by David Auburn
with Amy Ryan, Bobby Moreno
Director David Auburn

Breakfast at the Track by Lanford Wilson
with Jeanine Serralles, Lorenzo Pisoni
director Caitriona McLaughlin

Skin by Naveen Choudhury
with Vandit Bhatt, Nitya Vidyasagar

St. Francis Preaches to the Birds by David Ives
with Carson Elrod, Julie Halston, Matthew Saldivar, Lois Smith, David Ives
director John Rando

Something I’ll Tell You Tuesday by John Guare
with Lois Smith, Julie White, Peter Maloney, Jeremy Shamos, Carol Kane
director Doug Hughes

West of Stupid by Cusi Cram
with Alfredo Narciso, J. Smith Cameron

New York Story by Mike Reiss
with Ed Asner, Elizabeth Ashley, Peter Jacobson, Daphne Rubin-Vega
director Michael Wilson

I’m With Ya, Duke by Herb Gardner
with Jerry Stiller, Fiana Toibin, and Gordon MacDonald
director John Rando

The Press Conference by Jessica Dickey
with Jay O. Sanders, Paul Thureen and Will Dagger
director Judith Ivey

The Final Interrogation of Ceausescu’s Dog by Warren Leight
with Ed Asner and Jesse Eisenberg

The Miracle of Chanukah by Sheri Wilner
with Zach Appelman, Peter Friedman, Judy Gold, Lisa Joyce, Marcia Jean Kurtz

Christmas Breaks by Patrick Gabridge
with Zach Appelman, Steven Boyer, Halley Feiffer

You Belong to Me by Daniel Reitz
with Amy Ryan and Michael Stuhlbarg

Damage Control by David Auburn
with Jay O. Sanders and Joey Slotnick

The Other Woman by David Ives
by Laila Robins and Robert Cuccioli
director John Rando

Vernon Baker and Daniel Inouye
with Stephen Lang

Banshee written and directed by John Patrick Shanley
with Geraldine Hughes and Aidan Quinn

Closing Costs by Arlene Hutton
with Amy Ryan and Michael Stuhlbarg
director Gaye Taylor Upchurch

Two Jewish Men In Their Seventies by Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros
with Jerry Stiller and Bob Dishy

It’s All Good by David Ives
with Carson Elrod, Rick Holmes, Kelley Hutchinson
director John Rando

Goodbye, Howard by Romulus Linney
with T. Cat Ford, Jacob Callie Moore, Lois Smith, Frances Sternhagen, Dana Ivey, Scott Sowers

Hector Cafferata
with Stephen Lang

A Man of His Time by Kate T. Billingsley
with Sam Waterston and John Douglas Thompson
director Estelle Parsons

24 Years by Leslie Ayvazian
with Jessica Hecht and Dominic Fumusa
director Peter Hedges

A Betrothal by Lanford Wilson
with Lisa Emery and Frank Wood
director Bruce McCarty

Bite The Hand by Ara Watson
with Chris Cooper, Margo Martindale, and Liv Rooth
director Doug Hughes

Report On Motherhood by Beth Henley
with Lois Smith and Eliana Saxe-Smith

At The Water’s Edge, Wet by Jonathan Bernstein
with Callie Thorne and Jeremy Shamos

Getting In by Frank Gilroy
with David Beach, Kim Bendheim, Matthew Cowles, Caroline Gilroy, Michael Godere, Carter Hudson, Lillian Laserson, Thomas Lyons, David Margulies, Fiana Toibin, Jack Wetherall

Tasha Walks by Kim Merrill
with Marsha Mason and Steven Boyer
director Brian Mertes

Waking Up by Cori Thomas
with Lynette Freeman, Amy Staats

Happy by Alan Zweibel
with Scott Adsit and Frankie Faison
director Fred Berner

Nick Bacon
with Stephen Lang

If We're Using a Surrogate, How Come I'm The One With Morning Sickness by Marco Pennette
with James Lecesne

Sure Thing by David Ives
with Carson Elrod and Liv Rooth

Tennessee by John Patrick Shanley
with Timothée Chalamet and Caitlin FitzGerald

Hate the Loser Inside by Jon Kern
with Graeme Gillis and Brad Bellamy
director R.J. Tolan 

Wanting North by Tanya Barfield
with April Matthis and Rebecca Frank
director Seret Scott

Winter Games by Rachel Bonds
with Blake DeLong and Louisa Krause
director Portia Krieger.