John Leguizamo, Rosie Perez and Bobby Cannavale record Crazy Eights by David Lindsay-Abaire (photo credit: David Andrako)

Playing on Air is the kind of show that should be multiplied by ten – it’s fun, it’s intelligent, and reminds us how glorious radio can be. – David Ives, playwright

Playing on Air shares quality theater featuring our nation’s major artists on public radio and podcast for free and on demand. We deliver short plays by great contemporary playwrights for today’s radio and digital audience. Each short play is followed by conversations with its writer, cast and director, moderated by Playing on Air’s founder and producing artistic director, Claudia Catania.

Why short plays? What is a short play? 

Think of a short play like a short story. Playwrights write short plays all the time – from when they’re first starting out to long after they’ve won the Pulitzer. These pieces establish character, scene and story, conflict and resolution, in the span of ten minutes, half an hour. They’re smart, they’re quick, they’re moving – perfect for radio.

Is that like a one-act? 

Yes, in that short plays are short, and they generally don’t have 2 or 3 acts. But some of our short plays have many, many scenes – up to 38, in one case!

Who’s behind the scenes? 

30+ contemporary American playwrights, both Pulitzer laureates and nominees and emerging writers; over 100 stage and screen actors, including Tony, Oscar and Emmy winners; and established, innovative theater directors. Learn more about our New York-based production team.

Where can I start listening? 

Download our podcast, stream and, if you’re a station program director, find out how you can license our full-length shows and singles at PRX.

Great, I want to know more!

Drop us a line! Sign up for light updates from our email newsletter, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for an inside look.

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