The Birds and the Bees: two short plays

Lascivious bees swarm a young woman’s Upper West Side apartment. Two vultures have a bone to pick with Saint Francis. Playing on Air’s newest episode brings you two all-new audio productions of plays by David Ives and Jacquelyn Reingold – recorded live in Brooklyn!

2B Or Not 2B by Jacquelyn Reingold features William Jackson Harper (All The Way) and Jenn Harris (Gayby); directed by Michael BarakivaSt. Francis Preaches To The Birds by David Ives features Carson Elrod (Peter and the Starcatcher), Julie Halston (Vampire Lesbians of Sodom), Matthew Saldivar (Peter and the Starcatcher), and Lois Smith (East of Eden, Five Easy Pieces); directed by John Rando. Interviews with the playwrights and cast round out each performance!

Listen to this episode’s trailer – or purchase in our store!

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